Progress so far towards Goals

  1. J6smith
    So at the begining of 2012 my aim was to loose 2stone and be under 14st. Well finally got there this week taken alot of hard work and motivation to loose it slowly and not just crash diet but i guess more hard work comes to keeping it off.
    Not sure if most people know now but im out of lifting action for a while as have a bad shoulder injury thats being possibly operated on come the summer time not happy at all as it means 18 months no lifting so not sure what to do now. My main aim was to strength traing and then cut when i was happy with a size. so looking forward to when i can get back to that as for now i think im going to have to look into the world of bulking see what that has in store for me.
  2. J6smith
    this has been a struggle at times im not going to lie. yet i have still managed to find ways of keeping going. mainly by mixing up my gym tracks on the ipod to watching that film that inspires me every bloody week lol. DVD player has taken a hammering. even to the point of telling myself booze is bad ( i do like it tho ) all in all been worth it. even dug my bike out in the winter aswell!!! thats how good i have been, sometimes not been able to feel my nose or toes and fingers but all helps i guess lol.
  3. J6smith
    so its been a fair few days now since i have done any training and well im hating myself for it.....just so annoyed with this shoulder injury that i cant lift so feel like i have given up on all gym work. i know thats not the attitude to have but man it sucks... i know more than anything i need to kick myself into gear but not even the films and music is helping.....
  4. MariaGrace39
    Congrats on your achievement with the weight! And I hope your feeling yourself again
  5. Dangermouse
    Injuries bite. I've just got over tendonitis in my shoulder and some sort of knee problem, so that's over 2 weeks without any cardio or leg work so far, and over a week without any lifting. I'm going insane. I've got the all clear to get back at it, which is something, I've just got to temper myself so I don't go totally crazy and injure myself again! Kicking yourself into gear, though, is really difficult - I struggle with that sometimes, as I think everyone does. Somehow, going to the gym and working out becomes a chore, and it's so easy to become frustrated with yourself. I guess the thing is to try and not be hard on yourself. Just take it easy, focus on something else, and get back to it when you can. If you can't lift, you haven't given up at all, it's just one of those sh!t things that happens. You'll get back to it soon, though, bro - keep positive!
  6. J6smith
    Got some brilliant news a couple of days ago guys from the physio……… I can now load my shoulder 

    Im still having tests but the physio is happy with my progress and has told me strictly to not workout the muscle but however I can load it to do other work outs……….. HELL YEAH!!! I hit the gym straight after the news and felt so great to do some decent lifts again, squats, lunges etc. my poor legs took a battering but well worth it 

    I did notice how bad just having a few months off has effected my lifting.

    My previous squat used to be 308lbs 3 sets 8-12 reps now I was struggling with 220lbs on the same set and rep style but hey I guess it’s something to work toward. Hey that me new goals? Im seeing the physio again but this time private to check on my form as he has said I can do exercises like dead lifts and he’s going to give me a few more. I still can’t really work on the upper body stuff but hey it’s a start right??

    So excited for the news
  7. Dangermouse
  8. J6smith
    sorry for being abit lapsed with this guys!! not being able to lift properly has uset me and made me not want to read or do anyhting on the site .......
    but however better news from the physio is that lifting is a GO !!!! aslong as my form is S$&t hot then bring on the LBS
    i have been lifting for about 2 weeks now, jesus have i suffered having not lifted since feb well at least i can concentrate on cutting the bulk that i put on i updated my profile pic from a session the other day, so feel free for some tips or hints where you think i need to hit to look good..... as for that i know the stomach is in need of some repair lol but hey im starting again....

    hope you all are well and lifting hard
  9. Dangermouse
    Sometimes life just gets in the way of lifting. I haven't been around much for a few weeks because of work, and I haven't lifted in 3 weeks for the same reason. Just started again this week and man, I ache! I can imagine how you're feeling after a longer lay off! How's it going now, Jay? After a couple of weeks, you getting back into the swing of it?

    I'm having knee trouble again, been having problems since around March. Both knees, then my left knee on the inside (strained not torn meniscus) and now some sort of problem on the same knee but the outside bit! Got a physio appointment today to see about that. I haven't trained legs in an age because I can't do any bending with weights, so no squats, deads or lunges. My legs were the part of me that needed most work - now they're going to need even more! But I'm hoping this new problem isn't serious, just need to do more resting (yuck) and fingers crossed it'll all be good soon.
  10. J6smith
    Ah thats crap well just remember therest is the best thing for it. you might just have to do what i did with my injury and concentrate on the other muscles and take it back to basics. When i used to train hard all the time every 8-12 weeks i used to have a two week block of taking the weight right down and working on form again as i used to develope bad habbits when i was upping the weights. might be worth you working on the upper body form again.
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