Music to get you going and keep you going

  1. Dangermouse
    Tell us what you're listening to, what inspires you to push harder and further, to get through those last few reps or those last few minutes of cardio. Doesn't matter what it is - I'm sure we've all got some random stuff on our playlists!

    Okay, here's 3 from me - Try by Pink, Seven Nation Army by Marcus Collins, and Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse (I love this song at the mo!)
  2. J6smith
    One of my all time tracks is "back in black" AC/DC anything from iron maiden usually. Safely "young" by tulisa lol but if you get a chance try out a track called "time 2" by Ewan Dobson no lyrics but brilliant tune to get the body pumping
  3. Dangermouse
    Will check that track out, J6, cheers. I don't mind music without lyrics - some of Swedish House Mafia's stuff is good for that. I've got to admit, I do like a lot of general pop, but I've also got a lot of Linkin Park on my list too.

    Couple more - Skyfall by Adele (yeah, I know!), Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (mandatory, right?! ) and Hall of Fame by The Script feat. I love this song - I love the lyrics, just gives me such inspiration to keep going even when I don't want to. Think it's the whole 'you can do anything' aspect of it.
  4. J6smith
    hey good shout on the last couple of tracks. i had a little listen to some of them ( as working nights im a bit behind lol ) but some good ones there
  5. Dangermouse
    Lol, glad you liked them! If I think of any more, I'll let you know.
  6. MariaGrace39
    80's pop (ex: Durand Durand), Rock (like ^^ back in black), and Rap (The more swear words the better, idk why but that's how it is.)
  7. Dangermouse
    80s mucis is great, I like a lot of the dance stuff from back then.

    Mudvayne - Not Falling. Title track from the film Ghost Ship. Give it a listen, good stuff. And if you like stuff like Sum 41, try to find Noots by them.
  8. J6smith
    so any new tracks???
    i have downloaded some good ones i have got from a motivation gym video i watched.

    Crave you-Adventure club remix
    waiting all night-Rudimental ft Ella Eyre
    I need your love-calvin harris
    Radioactive- Imagine dragons
    Get lucky- daft punk ft pharrell williams
    play hard- david guetta ft akon and ne yo

    see what you guys think
  9. Dangermouse
    Need new music. Definitely. Not a fan of Imagine Dragons, but I like David Guetta's stuff, and Calvin Harris is pretty good, so will definitely check out those two, and the rest.
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