Whats the last hardest exercise you struggle on!!!!

  1. J6smith
    yesterday i hit the sqaut rack for the first time and lets just say it was not easy. i used to be able to hit over 300lbs but this day my max was 220lbs and if it wasnt for ozzy on my ipod and the feeling of finally being able to lift that pushed me through it...........even felt a little sick

    what was your exercise that nearly stopped you in your tracks???? what pushed you to go further???
  2. Dangermouse
    Squats are difficult for me. Lunges I love/hate. Actually, press ups are the ones I really find hard. Sheer determination gets me through! I will master them!
  3. J6smith
    they are pretty tough but once you master them move on to the spider push up it will make feel insane to start with but at the same time indistructable once you complete that first set
  4. Dangermouse
    Spider push up?! I'm going to regret asking what that is, I know! Got a link to a vid or something so I can check it out? And how's your return to training going?
  5. HealthyMuscle
    I Would Definitely Say Weighted Dips My Friend, Kills Me Every Time.
  6. J6smith
    im def in agreement on that one healthymuscle, what weight you using ??
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