Hitting a plateau has caused my demotivation.

  1. Ricstix
    So I've been training for some time now. I have seen the changes and have been pleasently impressed. No, its not testo filled male ego kicking in just pride in hard work, sweat and pain. From sickly skinny all my life to nearly obese I have achieved a balanced state.
    Now, I have hit a plateau in my training and have seen no change at all even though I would change my workout every few weeks to keep it interesting and my body guessing. The result is, I have become lazy.. :nono: Yes, call a spade a spade. But it is as though M&S has been watching me because this week I received a mail on how to break through that plateau. Some very interesting info admittingly.
    Any ideas how to smash through that plateau or just overcome the winter lazy attitude anyone? I have decided to change my workout from the 1hr 5am freezing morning workout to a 2hr 5pm workout. Hope this brings on the heavy training again.
    Remain blessed everyone and train hard.:lifter:dcurl:flex::run::scoff::scull:
  2. jamieblanchard
    Hi friend. I feel your pain I am the plateau man, and the only thing I can suggest is you just have to keep pushing. My weight will get stuck for three and four weeks at a time, growth will stop and I get sad. I just keep pushing though and eventually the weight drops down quickly, and I see some bulk. Just keep going.
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