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  1. 5kgLifter
    Hi Stikfigure, welcome to our group...I'll try to remember to check this out everyday for anyone else PMing me, I didn't realise they had to do that, but better that than lots of men in the group! Have asked Damien about whether anyone can access it, but haven't had a response yet, I'm trying to work out if it will only be accessible for women which would be ideal, especially with private medical etc discussions, womens stuff.
  2. 5kgLifter
    Harry Potter just checked for me, and it seems this is viewable to all, so no overly personal stuff, I'll send a triple PM sometime about the issue I referred to, now I know how to do a triple PM.
  3. 5kgLifter
    Okay ladies, what's cooking for Xmas? Does anyone intend spending the whole day in the kitchen cooking?
    For all that have children and would like a different idea for Christmas tree chocs, get a box of Celebrations (small sweets: mars, snickers, bounty etc), tie cotton thread around the choc and hang on the tree; this idea also works well for those little alcohol filled chocolates in the shape of bottles, as an adult treat...and your tree will definitely have a different look to it with all the various wrappers hanging on it.
  4. WolfLady
    Sweet idea for the tree, 5kg. We've had to go without the tree and decorations this year, too many little fingers newly discovering just how high they can reach now. I can't believe my youngest is going to be a whole two years old soon. Where does the time go????
  5. 5kgLifter
    To all those applying for membership to this social group.

    No female will be turned down. Please bear with me if it takes me a while to add anyone who wishes to join the group since I'm busy with studies. I will try and get to the forum a minimum of once a week, but if you don't see your details added above, just PM Damien, and I'm sure he can add you to the group.
  6. MsKeara
    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for adding me to your group. I'm hoping to get some very useful information here as well as make a friend or two (or five). However, I've got a very "female specific" question and I was wondering if I should just blurt it out here?
  7. 5kgLifter
    That's entirely your choice, if you feel comfortable about it then please do, but if you'd prefer to send a PM to several female members then that's a good option to have in reserve. This is an open thread in that it can be viewed by anyone, on the forum that is.
    I had a personal female issue that I tussled with concerning where to post it, because I initially considered just sending PMs but I eventually decided on the main forum knowing that other women may encounter such a thing, and also that there are men married to women, or with girlfriends, that may also encounter the problem in that way too, as well as women that are not part of the it's really a personal choice, but feel free...personal female issues will be dealt with respectfully. You can read the post I put up at this link, which may help you decide where to post your question too

    Welcome to the group.
  8. StaceyD32
    Hello Ladies,
    I am just starting out and I am wanting to tone and build, I have lost 30 and now it is time to hit the gym, do any of you have any suggestions on how many times a week I should start out with and any of you have any suggestions on work out routines.

    thanks for you help
    Stacey From TX
  9. 5kgLifter
    It's best to select a beginner's routine from the workout section. I think they are all 3-day full-body routines, but that's the sort you need. It will prepare your central nervous system ready for moving on to other rouitnes after doing a 'basic' routine. It would be every other day, Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Sat etc and cardio would normally be done on the days in between, usually an gentle cardio for about 45 minutes, until you get used to it, and then you can vary things a bit; it's mosty to build up your aerobic base at this point. If 45 minutes is too much just start at whichever level you can and add 5 minutes extra each week until it reaches the 45 minutes etc.
    I hope that is of help.
  10. 5kgLifter
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