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  1. yitmy
    With everything down-might being in an index fund be the best strategy. Or would buying individual companies with high dividend returns be the more prudent way to go. Companies like GE or VZ with 6% yield to sit and wait. What do you all think?
  2. JakeClark8
    I decided to keep all of my stocks and got burned.
  3. yitmy
    I believe that if you run the course and stay invested and add more here you may look back at the period and think you should have bought more in a few short years. If you look back just a few weeks ago and stayed in you probably gained quite a bit from the lows in October.

    We all got burned where ever you invested the only people who didn't would be those that stayed in cash or high grade municipal bonds. I am certain there are alot who invested in junk and corporate bonds and they really got nailed/burned.

    I am certain that this too will pass and the economies around the world will be much better from this current state.
  4. yitmy
    Anyone out there going back in to the market? What types of returns are aailable for the cash on the sidelines?
  5. yitmy
    Tax selling day!
  6. yitmy
    January effect-could be a big big positive!
  7. Q
    good idea for a group yitmy........
  8. yitmy
    Thanks Q
  9. yitmy
    Where is everyone placing their cash that is the question of the week. Money markets are keeping up but is there any other place?
  10. muscletrainerdh
    Okay, question of the week. I have a bankruptcy (2004), so about 5 years into it. I have managed to rack up another $6000 in debt. Should I go for a loan against my 401k to finally get out from under this debt since it is unlikely I would be able to get a 0% credit card to transfer the $6000 balance or a loan through a bank? Your thoughts?
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