M&S Firearms Enthusiasts

  1. BigJosh
    Welecome to M&S Firearm Enthusiasts. Hopefully, everyone here has an interest, in one way or another in firearms. Please invite anyone that may be interested in joining the group.
  2. BolanRox
    hi all
  3. BigJosh
    hey bolan.
  4. BigJosh
    Anyone done any shooting lately? Question for you guys, are you able to invite people to the group?
  5. BolanRox
    I don't seem to be able to invite. might be a mod only thing?
  6. BigJosh
    That sucks. I'll just make it public.
  7. Gunner82
    Went and shot the SKS and 9mm tuesday. Had to try the sks after installing a new scope rail, the cheap ones require some filing. All seemed to work well this go round! My next outing will be for a new scope on the 220 swift. I originally bought a Barska and that was a waste of time and Money. Anybody else have one? Cant zero it. Run out of turret on windage 3 inches from center. Get what you pay for.
  8. hunterace
    great group idea, i thought of it when i first started but figured it would be ignored or people would say this site is for boudybuilding not gun lovers! i shoot something, wether it be my 22, shotgun, one of my rifles, handguns or my compound or recurve bow, on a regular basis. once it gets a little closer to fall i shoot my bow daily
  9. BigJosh
    Gunner 82, I tried putting a scope on my sks with very little success. The problem I encountered was that the rail I got, actually was a complete replacement to the reciever cover. The issue with that is this cover contains the bolt, bolt carrier and recoil spring. Because of this, when I fired it, there was enough play in the reciever cover that my scope was no longer accuratly sighted in. Hopefully you can find a way around this issue. I know they make one that has a screw on the side that screws in and is supposed to hold it better, but I haven't tried it.
    As far as not being able to Zero your Barska scope, that sounds to me like it may be a mounting issue. I would try adjusting it in the mounts before giving up. That may help, but yes, unfortunatly we do get what we pay for.
  10. BigJosh
    Hunterace, glad to see you here. You a bow hunter?
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