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  1. Doug9x
    chrislook - creatine won't give you better results unless your diet is in great shape and recieving a surplus of cals through protein, carbs and fats, if your diets in check and you use creatine you will see slightly better results!
  2. chrislook
    hi doug just realised have gone on to the weight gainer protein with the creatine see what happens now cheers
  3. Mono
    Hi peeps, started at the gym a couple of weeks ago, am doing a beginners 3 day split as recommended by the site. Am taking Cyclone as a supplement for working out, hoping to see some gains soon. Just wanted to say hi!
  4. StewieB
    Sup y'all. From Surrey in the South Eaaast.
  5. Leeplym
    Hey guys and gals, new on here but have been training for a while.from the southwest UK, hope alls good people.
  6. az92
    hi people im 20% bdy fat 195lbs 6ft male 19 yrs old and no money for gym i have dumbelss and a pull up bar. i can not do 1 pull up or push up
  7. Lycan
    From sunny Scotland
  8. WolvesUK
    Oi Brits!!! Shall we get this one going again?

    I'm from Wolverhampton, 40, love sugar too much but love training more.

    Just back from Cornwall holiday so got some pasties and cream teas to shift in next few weeks
  9. AZAUK81
    UK member from Bedford. Addicted to the gym
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