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  1. fhaslip
    hey guys just stopping to introduce myself, i just joined, im a boxer training for the olympics and more then helpful if you want tips. and here is a quick article about me going to the olympics.
  2. DyingWill
    Hey all, Just wanna introduce myself! My name is Emran but feel free to call me Em!
    Im have been a strength and conditioning coach/trainer for 13 years. I also ntrain Brazilian Jiujitsu at the Gracie academy.. I am definitly hear to help so if anyone got any question feel free to hit me up! I recently started a fitness blog so be sure to give it a look
  3. raroed
    Hey anybody that can help me come up with a work out plan could you please contact me i need all the help i can get in becoming the best fighter that i can be.
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