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  1. BolanRox
    so appartently the Glock is now america's favorite hand gun? I must say though after reading the NPR article their business model is pure genious.
  2. BolanRox
    and no sooner than I saw that I saw that some nutter attached a chain saw to a rail mount so he can have an ak with an underbarrel electric chainsaw....
  3. BolanRox
  4. BolanRox
    just a bump. Shotgun fans your opinons please? If i were to get one (and it would be the only fire arm i bought for the forseeable future) Should I go straight up HD? or get a diff model and go the 2 barrel route. HD makes the most sense but the short barrel would pretty much relegate it to HD (which i would hope to never need), wouldnt make the best skeet / trap shooting gun. If i did get one i would want to use it for pleasure at some point

    really it comes down to getting a Mossy 590 or 500
  5. EliteDreams
    I'm drooling over Patriot Ordnance Factory short barrel .308.Thoughts?
  6. Dobby
    I think that Cal Fish and Game just went to the POF in .308. It is pretty decent but really front-heavy, from what I've been told.

    On another note, anybody else tried Frog Lube? This stuff is incredible! Makes your guns smell minty, too.
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