M&S Ladies Group

  1. 5kgLifter
    ...hellooooo where's everybody at?
  2. maryellen
    Hellllllooooooooooooooooo :d
  3. FireTruck
    Hey Ladies! How is every one's summer going? Working hard in the gym?

    I just got cleared 2 weeks ago from Light duties and Physiotherapy ended just under a week ago. Turns out I had a grade II sprain in my ankle (it happened at work so I was covered), I should've been in a cast for a month and have months of physio ahead..but I sucked it up and walked on it, pushed hard through physio..and TA-DA 6 weeks and fully recovered!
  4. FireTruck
    Hey Ladies! How is every one's training coming along?
  5. 5kgLifter
    This is like ships that pass in the night
  6. PowerPixie
    Hey there! Is anyone still on this forum? I'm new to M&S so I'm poking around to see what's happening...
  7. Blueeyes1
    LOL... I am here but I think I am the only one. I am new to M&S also and just checking out the forums. I just joined this group but it doesn't look like it has been active for a while....
  8. LaoiseOD
    Is anyone still here!!!
  9. Ridgeback303
    Doesn't look like this group gets any posts any more, unfortunately. I just found the area myself.
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