Welcome !!!!

  1. J6smith
    Hey Guys/Girls

    As im sat here on the night shift at work i thought i would have a little look at some motivational threads to give me a bit of a boost, before i hit the gym in the morning after work. Crazy i know lol
    Having had a little scroll around i see that nothing gets kept on top of.
    So i thought i would try out a little motivation of my own.

    So here it goes............. i want you to tell me and who ever decides to join, anything that got you to the point of getting your ass out of bed and down the gym. what got you through that last set of deads!!! Even what annoyed you at the gym and made you want to throw that barbell through the guys head next to you.....

    Get the stress off your mind and find the next time you hit the gym. It will be a good session.

    Happy lifting Guys.......
  2. Dangermouse
    Great idea, I love groups like this and I'm forever searching for stuff to keep me inspired. I've got posters I've made up on the walls of my gym area at home, I've got a playlist of stuff that people would probably either frown or laugh at, but it's what keeps me going. And films - plenty of films that have meaning to me that I watch regularly to give me a boost.

    Let's hope more people join! Let's keep each other going.
  3. J6smith
    Hey welcome and cool. If I'm honest I have just this min been reading your training blog and great result well done. Also noticed something we have in common shoulder pain!!! I have been unable to train weights at the mo due to mine and am having 18 months intense physio and possible surgery. My best advice to you is get down and speak to someone to get it looked at. I wished I ha sooner and 10 years on I'm now in a hole world of trouble with it. But just remember if it hurts as in really hurts stop what your doing straight away. Other than that we all have some tracks others would judge me included lol but if that gets ya pumping its brilliant for us
  4. Dangermouse
    Thanks. Yeah, I know I should get the shoulder looked at, but it's a question of cost. Health care isn't cheap over here, unfortunately, but I know it's something I really should get checked out properly. And thanks for taking a look at the log, it's a work in progress, just like me, but then I guess we all are! That totally sucks about the lay off, and the surgery. Must be hard for you, bet you're already planning on a return routine. Yeah, music is my life, and I don't much care what others think about what I listen to! In fact, that goes for lifting too - I get so many people (cos I'm a woman) telling me to either not lift too much/too heavy, or wonder why I'm doing it in the first place. It's one of those things that really hacks me off. But that's a whole different story! LOL! Thanks for the advice as well.
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