Shopping List..... lets see what you get for the week

  1. J6smith
    so i had a liitle think the other day and got stuck on what to buy when i was at the supermarket. So as a little help for me lol lets see whats in your baskets....

    Heres mine.

    12x large chicken breast
    32x eggs
    2x 400g turkey mince
    2x 800g lean beef mince
    6 apples
    6 bananas
    50g peanut butter
    6 sweet patatoes
    2x lots of frozen fruits ( for smooties )

    most of the other stuff lasts me the month like pasta etc.

    so come on whats in your basket
  2. J6smith
    woops missed out my bags of veg.... i get the frozen bags as it last longer and a bit more of a mix but get 3 packs of that too ....
  3. Dangermouse
    I cheat and send my mum out shopping as it keeps her happy while I'm working! Usually it's all fresh fruit and veg (potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, brocolli, red and green peppers, cauliflower, courgette, tomatoes, bananas, apples). We pick lemons off the tree outside, plums from next door's tree, figs from the neighbours tree...LOL! Also get meat alternatives like tofu and seitan every week because I'm a vegetarian. Milk every week. Eggs. Try not to get too much, if any frozen stuff. Peanut butter, jam, pasta, quinoa, etc lasts a long time, as you say. Oh, and doughnuts...they always seem to sneak into the shopping basket with my mum!
  4. J6smith
    Good choices on the veg and salad as for the dougnuts fair play one cant hurt right lol. i recently had a mate come back from states and gave me some jerky and due that S*&t is AMAZING lol sorry i know you're a vegetarian an all but i cant seem to get the good stuff over in in UK ........... so do you take any soya protein or anything bud to help with recovery or do you solely rely on food intake???
  5. Dangermouse
    I take whey protein - I still eat eggs, cheese, milk, etc. Just meat and fish I don't eat. LOL at the jerky! Can imagine it's good and annoying that you can't get hold of the proper stuff in the UK! Doesn't bother me people talking about meat or eating it - I'm not a crazy fanatic! Only about exercising.

    Right now, though, I'm cutting and man, my body does not like eating less! It's constantly b!tching at me that it's hungry! LOL!
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