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    Yeah the new A7X stuff is pretty good.
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    Five Finger Death Punch yeah, I find protest the hero kinda gay now. I saw 5FDP back in 2008 in Toronto and last month in Montreal. Awesome performances man, I shook Ivan's hand.
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    I was in a car accident recently that left me with bruised ribs and seperated left shoulder... So while I'm hoping to recover quick, I have to play the waiting game- My SCM is still having spasms, Im trying to push it without killing it....
    I appreciate your praise- I'm just glad I can help where I can
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    honestly i started in high school, I played football, and by luck the defensive coordinator was the weight lifting class instructor...and my math teacher was the wrestling coach and promised to fail me if I didnt wrestle, lol- i still thank him for that In any event, that was 1996...

    I've been around a lot of good and knowledgeable people since then, taking pieces of what they've instilled in me and applied them and shaped them into what i do today.
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    I like to clench my fingers at the rear base of an opps neck and let my knees do the work, a high knee will do severe damage when the head is all ready being wrenched down... knee combos are wonderful when you get in that close. Shin kicks foot sweeps side kicks and front kicks are in my arsenal... you've got to be able to think on your feet, sometimes going in for a punch could work adversely, i use my kicks to keep the opp at the distance i choose- you have to be in control, kicks allow a set distance. I even round housed Anthony Maher in the 2nd round of my 2nd fight... his cut man came up to me after that fight to tell me he wasnt expecting it, i guess it was funny at the time
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    Man listen... Its like fishing, hook and cut- My grandpa told me that when I was back in high school and up to this point in my life it has never failed me...its so easy that its difficult. if you tuck the uppercut arm in too early the opp may read that and adjust his back foot to accommodate and or counter. So the trick is to stay in your defensive stance, (cause i prefer left to right, Im 60% south paw) flip flop your feet so that your actually against your normal stance hook hard and use the power arm to upper cut. because more often then not, it wont be the hook that knocks em out itll be the well placed and perfectly timed uppercut. - And as you said... Elbows are very devistating- temple- nose or just under the chin is relentless- in a sanctioned bout they are expected, but on the street they are an ace in the hole, because not one person I've ever street faught ever expected it. Most people struggle to their feet after you dig deep and nail em with one, if they get up at all, lmao

    And just for the record Bucko is right about not over thinking the heavy bag shots, just throw em clean -precision is everything... it doesnt matter if you can throw 4 sloppy fists when you've just been clocked by a perfectly executed straight jab
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    Hey i read a some convo's you have with some other people, and came across your bag punching... I'm not sure the direction you want to go with it but i will tell you this- CONCENTRATE ON THE CROSS.. BE IT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT OR VICE VERSA a sloppy cross will expose either side , which invites strong body jabs or a well placed uppercut by your opponent... and depending on my opps stance i way prefer a hook (either direction) followed up quikly with an uppercut.... the hook throws the opps center of balance off and forces them to the direction of exposure cleaning up with a wicked uppercut is a finishing touch- mi have a million tips if your into it
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    Sorry for the delayed response... irregardless- yeah but there is no date yet. Dale Robbins. 176lb ,5' 11" , Former golden gloves boxer fighting out of Syracuse, NY... I don't work out the details, I just agree to whatever the outcome is.... It'll either happen in Perth Amboy, NJ - or Watertown, NY- - - and I have no actual fight footage, I know thats a let down sorry... I did make my wife promise to tape the upcoming event after reluctantly excepting the task , lol- she hates that i fight, but loves that i'm good at it.
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    A cross is your backhand, straight etc in england gets called backhand buh ino most americans call it cross so i put cross for ye and a hook is a looping shot were a cross is straight
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    Course mate,
    On the heavy bag imo you shouldnt be telegraphing in your head what your wanting to do just throw smartly moving around the bag, but here are a few anyway( im righting these for an orthadox)
    jab, jab
    Jab, Cross
    Jab, jab, Cross
    Jab, cross,jab, jab
    cross, left hook
    Right uppercut, Left hook
    Right uppercut,left hook, Cross
    jab, Cross, Left uppercut,Cross
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