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    Thanks for the Reps on the Personal Training thread!
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    thanks for the rep
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    Cheers for the rep big guy. What's your training approach at the moment with summer (kind of) around the corner? I'm continuing a cut and then back on a very strict bulk to try build rather than simply maintain over the summer.
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    thanks for the reps lad!!! good strong lifting going down in your log!!!
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    Thanks for the rep!
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    so are we saying with the volume ive been doing the intensity doesnt need to be quite so high? and i should try dropping either the volume or the intensity? when you say as long as the last 2 reps are difficult, if im doing a 12 rep set i feel from about rep 6 they are difficult!

    I do back and bi's together and the interesting thing is my bi's are probably my least improved muscle even though i use good fom and i dont kno if nearly failing on all back sets (18) and then all of the biceps sets (8) is maybe overdoing them? thanks for everything scrutiny.
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    sorry to PM you mate but im doin weights first thing and feel abit anxious about not doin a full workout. and thanks for all your help.

    Originally Posted by Scrutiny View Post

    I think your chest workout looks pretty good as it is.

    Flyes aren't a 'terrible' exercise as many people may make them out to be, however a compound exercise such as a bench pressing movement will provide a greater stress and stimulus for growth and strength gains.

    You could add in decline presses if you want, although do bear in mind that your incline and flat presses will be stimulating the entire chest fairly thoroughly.

    I would however suggest to make make some changes to your tricep work.
    You could drop one of your isolation exercises in your tricep work and leave it at that, as your triceps will be getting hit fairly hard with all your pressing work before-hand.

    You could perform 3 sets instead of 4 if you like - if you can go hard in those 3 sets you will be fine. Intensity is what will matter, not so much the quantity so to speak.

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks, can i go from 5 sets to 3 on my back exercises if i go failure?

    the thing is ive been going all 4/5 sets per exercise one rep from failure? if i can drop down 3 sets does that mean i must go to failure? seems like droppin a set or 2 per exercise means im only doing half the workout???

    i love workin my back but the volume is gettin borin now i feel i want to change it up abit.. also arent the 12 reps i have been going up to abit high?

    i was thinkin of a back and chest work out of maybe


    One arm dumbell rows 3 x 8-10

    bent over barbell rows 3 x 8-10

    Deadlifts 3 x 6-8


    Incline Dumbell Bench Press 3 x 8-10

    Flat Bench Press 3 x 8-10

    Incline/Flat Fly's 3 x 10
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    thanks on the rep scrute
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    I am stim-Free today until I take JACK3D before my workout! Thanks, Trusted Advisor, Scrute!
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    thanks for the reps scrutiny
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