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    cheers for the rep+
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    Those are some good numbers! Yeah it helps a lot with bench!

    I love Oly lift variations, so if you can work them in, powercleans would be great!! You could take a look at this article by Bill Starr on deadlifting, just started this as deadlift day, it looks interesting!
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    Yeah its great.

    When setting up, they dont show this really, but get on the bench, and move back so the bar is in line with your belly button. Put your feet in a comfortable position, so around 90 degree bend in knees. Then keep feet planted and slide down the bench, this will create a lot of tension in your back and legs, slide down the bench until your eyes are now inline with the bar. Your feet will be almost above your hips and you will have a strong arch and a lot of tension.
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    Hey mate!
    Glad you asked this question . The bodybuilder style of benching puts most stress on chest as far as I know, but the flared elbows and all that can damage your shoulders a lot, so in my opinion I would keep away from it.

    I prefer the powerlifting style of benching, it puts less stress on your shoulders, still works chest hard, but it engages the triceps and shoulders a lot more. It also lets you use your entire body, after a heavy bench session, everything will hurt and you will be gassed, even after warmup sets you will be sweating hard.

    I recommend looking at this video first (they also have a great deadlifting video)

    Then take a look at the "So you think you can bench" series, there is about 5 videos to it, but it is excellent, also make sure you tuck elbows a lot, they go over that more in the first link than in the "So you think you can bench" series. It starts here

    Bench can be hard to learn, I had/have a lot of trouble with it, though training with a strongman and watching those videos helped a lot.
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    Yea bro i gotcha! Reverse curls and forearm curls FTW! Hope u smashed the press!!
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    Well for me, i have trouble keeping my elbows tucked when doing normal CGBP. So decline helps with that. As for grip, i could maybe pull 365x1 without straps. But i dont sacrifice grip training for deadlift weight haha.

    However, ive been doing alot of things with forearms and static hold to try to get my grip strength up to where i wont need the straps haha
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    Dish the belt brah! Ive done skull crushers, not my favorite tho. I prefer decline close grip bench, floor press, and dbell skull crushers . But normall id throw on say 25lbs a side plus a 15 lbs bar.
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    Dam bro thoes are some solid numbers! Ill trade some lower body for ur upper body haha i was doin 365 deads sets of 6 like butter, and 315 squats sets of 3 but only benchin 195 for sets of 5
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    Good good! How many hours of sleep are u getting? ZMA puts me to sleep u should try it! My entire life has like dramatically changed! Ive gone from coaching and training. To being coached and trained lol its hard sometimes. But yea, i wanna get about 185-190 and be very lean. Mass is fine as i have a large frame and i always stay flexible and agility and conditioning 3 days a week, lifting heavy another 3 days. Its tough!
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    Haha yea ive been doing the craziest stuff in the SST program with thee trainers getting me ready. Im glad to hear that, i always love when i get feedback on advise i give! As for energy, try eating a bowl of oatmeal about 45mins-1hr pre workout with water or juice.
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