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  1. Have been on Androgel since end of Nov. will know #'s in May.

    Just to let you guys know, I have been on Androgel since the end of Nov. I go back to the dr 1st week of May. My last # was about 398. ( I was at only 124 for 47 years old). I am also using over the...
  2. Thanks Doug!

    Thanks Doug!
  3. grip strength/dynamometer - how do you improve your grip strength?

    Hey guys! I just recently bought a grip strength digital dynamometer on Amazon for like 25 bucks. I bought it mainly to see how i'm doing with being on a $500.00 a month steroid for my testosterone....
  4. bloodwork results from 1 month on androgel

    Ok guys, so after 1 month on the $554.95 med Androgel, my testosterone went from 174 to 378, which is 30 points within the normal range. However, my free testosterone is a 28, which is 7 times higher...
  5. Anyone have a mr "moanandgroanalot" at their gym?

    What do I mean by this? I mean a dude that has to moan, groan, and grunt while performing every exercise they do? (Squatting, benching, deadlifting). It's the most annoying thing; especially when you...
  6. The results on my last bloodwork and my testosterone level...

    Ok guys, the results are in, and my testosterone level is now at 173, only a 49 point increase from my previous bloodwork. This is with supplements I used from Vitamin Shoppe and from online. I was...
  7. Benched 175 3x at the gym. My testosterone level is only 124. ?? Explain!

    I benched 175 for 3 reps. I'd say that's pretty good for a 47 year old guy with a testosterone level of 124. I hadn't been benching that much either. The dr wants to do more bloodwork, and if my test...
  8. Have real low testosterone..any supplement suggestions?

    Guys, It's been a real long time since i have been in here and posted. I need a little help and suggestions. I was at the dr recently and had bloodwork done. My testosterone # was 124! (VERY LOW). I...
  9. what supplements are safe when you have high blood pressure?

    Hi guys! I may have posted this before, but I am trying again. I have been using a test boosting supplement, but really feel I need to look at some different options because I don't know how the...
  10. hgh and test patches. Does anybody out there use them?

    Guys, I cam onto a website that has hgh and test patches as well as creatine patches. Does anyone else out there use them, and are they worth it? It gets to be a pain in the ass taking so many pills...
  11. Got over the mental hurdle and benched 230 today!

    Hey guys, I got over the mental fear and hurdle and I benched 230. Struggled, but I did it! Mentally, I know I am stronger than I take myself for. :strongsmiliete4::flex:
  12. Thanks guys!

    Thanks guys!
  13. Any suggestions for a good leg workout?

    I am not one who likes to train my legs at all! My only leg workout is the cardio I do with the elliptical machine. Any suggestions for a good leg workout that wont kill me? I was watching a dude...
  14. thanks guys for the info!

    thanks guys for the info!
  15. Banged out 2 reps at 225lbs, then.....oh ****!!! Almost crushed my chest!

    Ok guys, I was at my gym today and I started with 225lbs instead of working my way up to it. (strike 1). Then, I didn't get a spotter (strike 2), and I banged out 2 reps at 225lbs, so I'm like, "I...
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    Dude, I was excited just to bench 225 1 time. If...

    Dude, I was excited just to bench 225 1 time. If I can do a little bit more than that, I'd be happy. 300lbs for me is like dreaming! (Unless I start a cyle of roids or something). I'm 45 now!
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    I'm getting alot stronger!

    Hey Guys! i'm finally done with personal trainers as of 3 weeks ago. I been working out on my own. Not as much cardio, but doing alot of weights. I benched 185 9 times last week, and today I did 215...
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    I'm using advanced testo boost and peak 347. I...

    I'm using advanced testo boost and peak 347. I used sytheroid in the past, but stopped cause of my high blood pressure. I'm trying some natural ones.
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    I benched 225! First time in my life!

    Just wanted to let you guys know I benched 225 first time in my life at 45 years old! (Feels good benching as much as the younger dudes do, 20 years younger!) :lifter: (Test boosting supplements...
  20. Proper Technique for kettlebell swings and flat bench press

    Hey Guys! Haven;t been in here for a while, but I wanted to ask what you guys think about ways to improve your bench and what is proper technique for kettlebell swings. My one trainer said bend your...
  21. n2 guard supplement...anyone heard or tried this?

    Hey guys! I just googled supplements that don't elevate or effect blood pressure and this one came up. It is supposed to guard against elevation of blood pressure when you are on a cycle of steroids...
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    DANG! how'd u do it? did you take any supplements?

    DANG! how'd u do it? did you take any supplements?
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    Try "Up Your Mass"! It's got close to 60 grams or...

    Try "Up Your Mass"! It's got close to 60 grams or more of protein per serving!
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    liver tablet supplements

    Hey Guys! I was reading in Muscle and Fitness magazine about this supplement that bodybuilders used to take years ago before creatine and steroids. Just wondering if any of you old timer...
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    Maybe 12-15% u look pretty lean to me!

    Maybe 12-15% u look pretty lean to me!
  26. anybody can suggest a caffeine free fat burner?

    Hey! What's a good, safe, caffeine free fat burner that won't mess with blood pressure? (BESIDES SEX??!!)) :)
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    what's up guys?

    new here! just put a post in the 40 and over section!:thumbs_up:
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    new here! almost 45!

    Hey guys! Just came upon this I am 44, 5'5, 179lbs, and have been training for a few years on and off. I am not a bodybuilder, but I like to lift and started getting into it when I found out I had...
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