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  1. Thread: Olive Oil ?

    by biohacked

    No, olive oil will not turn into a saturated fat...

    No, olive oil will not turn into a saturated fat if you fry with it, however the PUFA part of it (about 10% total) will become oxidized.
  2. Why Does Soy Reduce Estrogen Levels In Studies?

    Soy is widely known in health circles as pro-estrogenic and feminizing and men are recommended to avoid it. If that’s actually the case, can anyone explain why serum estrogen levels actually decrease...
  3. Came Across An Interesting Interview On Health And Longevity

    Been thinking about this ever since I read Kurzweil’s book ‘Transcend’. Many people might already be familiar with his ideas and his theory of exponential growth and how that will affect our health...
  4. Replies

    Fish Consumption And Diabetes Risk

    There’s little question that fish contain environmental pollutants such as mercury and PCBs with, generally, bigger fish such as shark and tuna containing more and smaller fish like sardines...
  5. Vegetable Oils Make You Fat And Cause Chronic Disease

    For anyone who’s looked into and reasearched the health effects of different omega-6 containing vegetable oils, you’ll quickly find that there’s a strong connection between all of them and the major...
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