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  1. Does bodyfuelz mass gainer help to gain weight? Does it provide good result

    Yes Mass Gainer does help you increase weight. The results can be seen in 2-3 months.
    For best results, have Ultra Mass Gainer with a high calorie diet and exercise
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    Are gym proteins injurious to health?

    By gym proteins I guess you are talking about protein supplements. When you workout, your body requires higher amounts of protein which is usually not met through the diet.
    This increases the need...
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  4. What high protein Indian vegetarian food sources are available for people..

    What high protein Indian vegetarian food sources are available for people that go to the gym and want to bulk up while also losing fat?

    "Some good sources of protein are pulses, legumes, quinoa,...
  5. What are some exercises to build arm muscles?

    Try barbells, bench and overhead press, deadlifts to help you build arm muscles. Remember to have a high calorie and
    high protein diet to help you build muscles!
  6. What foods are best for gaining a lot of muscle (with an exercise of course

    Food rich in protein and calories are best for gaining muscle so include milk, eggs, fish and chicken in your diet for natural sources of protein.
    Have lots of carbohydrates in a combination of...
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    What is the best anti diet?

    Have a balanced diet - include cereals, pulses, fruit and vegetables in good amounts. Limit fats and sugars.
    Have a variety of foods.
  8. How many grams of protein are in 1 kg of soybeans?

    1 gram of soybean has 36 grams of protein which means that 1 kg of soybeans will have 360 grams of protein
  9. Is it healthy to consume protein powder along with the gym?

    It is absolutely safe and healthy to consume protein powder along with gym. It is necessary that gym goers consume protein supplements because their protein intake is higher and is difficult to...
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    How do I develop body muscles?

    Have a protein rich diet and workout in order to develop your muscles. Consider using Whey protein supplement because most of our diets lack protein
  11. Which is better after workout, Protinex with milk or whey protein isolate ?

    Protinex with milk is good after workout but Whey protein with milk is ideal as the amount of protein is higher when compared to other protein drinks.
    It is also easily absorbed by the body and has...
  12. Is gym exercise better for fitness than running?

    Physical activity in any form is good be it walking, running or hitting the gym. It depends on your preference choose what is comfortable to your lifestyle and your body.
  13. Which supplement is best to increase muscle mass?

    Supplement with whey protein and BCAAs as these will help you to increase the size of your muscle along with lifting weights.
    Ensure you have a diet which has good amounts of protein.
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