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  1. Changes: - Swapped a calves exercise for one arm...

    - Swapped a calves exercise for one arm row.
    - Swapped deadlift and squat
    - Side bend and sit up occur in both now.
    - Specified repetitions for chin up / pull up / sit up
  2. Tweak # Reps? // Dumbbells // (A+B) = Full Body Routine

    Hi M&S Forum! Been using this website for a while, but first time posting.

    So, I designed this plan to be short and sweet while hitting pretty much every muscle group at least once. I'm in college...
  3. Misclicked / Wrong Forum / Sorry

    Sorry meant to post in Critique My Workout. That happen a lot?

    Trying to figure out how to delete the post. Prolly not going to spend too much longer trying, though.
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