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  1. No one at all?

    No one at all?
  2. ...or at least a pic of typical "Intermediate"?

    ...or at least a pic of typical "Intermediate"?
  3. Typical pics for different "strength levels"

    People often talk about different strength levels (e g at Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite. Some even divide it finer, using terms like "Experienced Beginner" and...
  4. Thanks guys. I decided to exercise yesterday...

    Thanks guys.

    I decided to exercise yesterday when feeling fine but not 100% (due to a bit limited sleep and despite having done it also 3 and 5 days ago, which is a bit much for a guy aiming at 2...
  5. How to avoid shoulder overload (dumbbells)?

    I am hoping to get tips on how to assure I don't get shoulder pain. I don't have any serious problems, but I have several reasons to make an effort to avoid such problems.

    I have these specific...
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