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  1. Here is the event page for this year's July 9th...

    Here is the event page for this year's July 9th 2016 competition if anyone was interested. :)
  2. Novice Strongman Competition this July in Saint Louis

    Here is the event page for a strongman competition I'm hosting this summer on July 25th. It is a novice competition and a great one for first time competitors.

  3. JD's Gym Fat Bar Championships (November 15th)

    All axle bar, all the time. This will be a powerlifting/strongman hybrid competition using the axle bar and Jeep tires for all three events/lifts.

    Event One: Axle Bar Back Squat for reps (60...
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    This is just a local competition. There is no...

    This is just a local competition. There is no major organization affiliation. In a year or two if we are able to grow it a little bit, then we will turn it into a sanctioned meet with NAS or ILSA.
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    JD's Gym Strongman Contest on July 12th

    We are hosting a strongman/strongwoman contest here at the gym this summer. If you live in the area (Saint Louis), stop by and check it out. Although we will have one Open Men's division for seasoned...
  6. Powerlifting/Strongman friendly gym in Saint Louis, MO

    In case any Saint Louis area people are interested. I'm opening my own gym this summer. The grand opening will be June 1st.
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    Great job.

    Great job.
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