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  1. Why don't I sweat at all when doing strength training?

    So I do strength training and lift weights (whatever you call it) with a personal trainer, who creates my plans for me. But the thing is, I NEVER sweat whilst doing the workouts. Am I doing something...
  2. Thread: Is my diet OK?

    by Kakapo

    Is my diet OK?

    So just under three months ago I started with a personal trainer to build muscle and tone my body (because I have had anorexia in the past and instead of losing weight I am building muscle and...
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'd like to add cardio but...

    Thanks for the advice, I'd like to add cardio but my parents won't let me because they think I'm just trying to lose weight and they just get annoyed. They drive me to the gym and will only take me...
  4. Losing fat whilst building muscle for a beginner.


    So I recently (a month ago) started with a personal trainer from scratch, to tone my body, build muscle, and lose fat. I am already a healthy weight but am so not in shape whatsoever. I have...
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    Fat around thighs, rear, and stomach

    Hi. I'm brand new to this forum, and relatively new to exercise. So I want to exercise and shape up because I've had problems with body image before and I want to strengthen my body and build muscle...
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