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    Thumbs up INJURIES REFERENCE GUIDE - Start Here


    Tendonitis Fact Sheet
    This article gives you the basics of tendonitis which is very common amongst strength trainers and athletes.

    Exercising With Lower Back Pain
    Excellent overview of back pain injuries including prevention methods and strengthening exercises.


    As you can see by reading through the injuries forum we have some very experienced members who are happy to help you out with getting you back in the gym.

    If you have an injury that you'd like help with, please start a new thread in this forum. Please do not PM our experienced members with questions directly. By posting your questions up here, the answers given can benefit everyone using the forum.

    If you have a personal injury problem that you don't feel comfortable posting up here, please PM one of the moderators.

    When posting it will be helpful and save time if you could answer the following questions regarding your injury:

    - When did it happen and what were you doing when it happened?
    - Where specifically is your pain?
    - When in the movement does it hurt?
    - Does the pain effect other movements too?
    - Have you been exercising long?
    - Have you been injured before?
    - Are you working?
    - Are(have) you seeing anyone regarding this?
    - Age?
    - Post a picture?
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