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    Default Looking to increase strength

    Found an interesting strength routine called the 5x5. It goes like this....

    Monday - weighted chin-ups, barbel military press, lateral dumbbell raise, rear delt row, close grip bench press

    tuesday - weighted pull ups, weighted chest dip , lying leg curls, barbel squats, barbel shrugs

    thursday - preacher curls, barbel calf raises, seated calf raises, front delt raise, standing barbel tricep extension

    friday - bent over barbel row, incline bench press, stiff legged deadlifts, barbel lunges, dumbbell shrugs

    each exercise is done 5 sets 5 reps thus the name of the routine.
    90sec betweens set, 2min between exercises.

    Tell me what you guys think. Apparently this routine has worked for many, but seems like a few too many sets per day not sure though.

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    Hi mate, put 5x5 in the search field and you will get 19 threads with some discussion on that routine. Have a look and see what comments people make and let us know what you think.
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