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    Default speed power agility endurance

    lacrosse starts march 1st and i need to get power, speed, agility, and endurance by then. anyone have any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl91 View Post
    lacrosse starts march 1st and i need to get power, speed, agility, and endurance by then. anyone have any ideas?
    You asked this one in a previous post, it is not very prudent to suddenly start thinking about training when the season starts in 5 weeks, you should of been trainining of some type all the time.

    Split your weight training into cycles, train M, W, F.
    (1) 4 weeks muscle endurance 15-20 reps per exercise 30-45sec rest between sets
    (2) 3 weeks muscle hypertrophy 6-10 reps per exercise 60-90sec rest between sets
    (3) 3 weeks Strength 3-5 reps per exercise, 3-5 mins rest between sets
    (4) 1 week light training
    then repeat the cycle

    Cardio training. use interval type training Tu, Th, Sa
    Vary cardio training between different pieces of equipment, and include road or track work.

    Example of Interval training....This workout is a sample only-- modify according to your fitness level. If you want to go longer, feel free to do so. If you can only go for 5 minutes, again, feel free to do so and work your way up.
    The RPE's (Rate of Perceived Exertion) are to help you keep track of your intensity on a scale of 1 - 10. In this workout, stay around 5-6 RPE. During high intensity intervals (lasting about 1 minute), you should be working hard-8 RPE.
    If you don't feel completely recovered at the end of the recovery periods, extend them as long as you need to.

    (You can also use a Target Heart Rate Calculator to monitor your exercise intensity.)

    The Workout
    5 Minutes: RPE 3-4: Warm Up
    2 minutes: RPE of 5:
    2 minutes: RPE from 5-6:
    2 minutes: RPE from 6-5:
    1 minute: RPE: 8
    2 minutes: RPE: 5 Decrease speed to recover back to a medium intensity
    2 minutes: RPE: 5-7:
    2 minutes: RPE 7-5:
    1 minute: RPE 8:
    2 minutes: RPE 5:
    5 minutes: RPE 3: Cool down by walking at a comfortable pace
    Total Workout Time: 26 minutes

    Once you are used to this routine then you can lower the time spent in the RPE range 5-7

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