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    Default DIET AND NUTRITION: Reference Guide

    There is a lot of diet and nutrition available on Muscle and Strength and posted here by our forum members. This reference guide will help you find everything easily! The Mods and I will be updating this guide with useful information as it is published on M&S. If you know a forum thread or article that you think should be listed here PM me or one of the Mods and we'll see about adding it up.

    DIET & NUTRITION: Reference Guide

    Must read diet and nutrition articles:

    - How to create a bodybuilding diet
    - The importance of vitamins and minerals in your diet
    - Are carbohydrates really the enemy?
    - Burning fat and cutting without losing muscle mass
    - Why you're not building muscle (diet and training article)
    - Gaining weight the healthy way
    - The role of essential fats in bodybuilding
    - Nutrition for beginners - Part 1 and Part 2

    Must read diet and nutrition threads posted on the forum:

    - How to construct a bodybuilding diet
    - Starvation mode and plateau prevention

    References and diet tools:

    - BMR calculator (use this work work out how many calories you need)
    - Quick P/C/F reference chart
    - Diet spreadsheet
    - Dietary conversions reference

    Sample diet plans:

    - 1 day example meal plan posted by Doug
    - 2,000 calorie 7 day meal plan for weight loss
    - More sample diets
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