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    Hey Eric,

    I've been running 5/3/1 for 5 cycles now (and I'm getting really good results). I'm considering running your program for a couple months. I do have some questions regarding scheduling and a few other things:

    1) I'm considering doing the following schedule:
    Sat - ME Squat
    Sun - Rest
    Mon - ME Bench
    Tue - Rest
    Wed - Speed Squat
    Thu - Speed Bench
    Fri - Rest

    Would that be advisable (specifically doing speed squat the day before speed bench?)

    2) On the floor presses, I assume you want to allow the floor to stop your downward movement (to be gentle on the shoulder)? Also, should you be looking to go heavier or lighter than your previous bench sets?

    3) On the rack lockouts, how high should you set the pins on the rack? What would be a good starting point on the weight be for these (in relation to your bench #'s above)?

    4) Board Presses - 1-board, 2-board (or more-board)? Or use a different board for each set?

    I'm sure I'll have other questions, but these are the ones that jumped out at me. Thanks in advance!
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    Since he hasn't answered yet, I'll offer what I've noticed, since I'm running WSBB. I find that doing speed squat then bench isn't as good as doing speed bench on Friday. It doesn't effect my squatting at all, but it being so close to ME bench is a bit iffy. Also, this might prompt EK to rebuff what I've said, as it might be incorrect.
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    I don't think any westside routine is for beginners. No speed work would work for beginners. I recommend SS for beginners. Milk it, then do another program from there.



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