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    Default Anyone familiar with Kenpo Karate (Nick Ciero system)?

    So i started training again after a back injury that kept me on the bench for close to 8 years and many failed attemps to go back into the gym has well.

    Now that everything seems to be going well and i am getting my life back i would very much love to get back into martial arts.

    I have a back round in shotokan karate, kyokushin karate and WTF tae kwon do which i did the longest for 7 years.

    I also did MMA for 3 months that was back in 1997. And last did TKD in 1994.

    I dont want to compete anymore, i know that kenpo is point system i dont really like that, i am used to semi-full contact in tkd and i just hate it when the action stops each time someone scores a point LOL.

    I did some research on kenpo and a part from the point system sparring it looks to be a really fun art to practice.

    The techics are cool, the form reminds me a lot of the karate i used to practice, and the school is at 5 minutes from my house, there are classes 7 days a week and there is also kickboxing there too.

    I do have an MMA school but its at 30 minutes drive from my house, the classes are at 8:00PM at night and sometimes finish at 10PM, i know that i will get tired of the drive and do think that the school is to far from my house.

    The MMA gym is amazing tough they have a ring and everything.

    Just wanted some feedback on people who did practice kenpo if its fun or not and if its good cardio.

    I wanna lose the belly fat LOL

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    Go do the Kempo dude.

    It ticks all boxes for you.

    Don't worry about what MA it is. Just make sure that the instructor is good, motivating and pushes you just a little harder than you would like.

    If the MMA classes were only 30 mins drive away then may i suggest that the hassle out weighs the motivation and inspiration you got from those classes and therefore it sounds like it might not have been that great for you.

    Also I'd recommend you go to an ITF club with an open mind. Taekwondo as you know is the most widely practiced MA so you are likely to find a local class. Go for a class that emphasises traditional training with Sine Wave theory of power.

    The reason i suggest this is because it would be interesting and motivating for you to revist you WTF skills from another perspective. Neither style is better or worse than the other.

    I currently practice ITF and its a 30 min drive in traffic, but the classes are so much fun and the instructor is highly motivating. Before I started there I visited an ITF club just down the road. There was hardly any one there and the intructor, just from a few minutes observation didn't seem that great, so i carded it.

    Good luck



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