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    Default Some Beginners Advice

    Hey Guys, could need some help
    First im from germany so my english isn t the best but whatever you will understand me i hope. so im 16 almost 17. I weigh about 72 kg and am 1,84 m tall. Im exersicing for about 8 months

    I have a few questions but first my training routine.

    Sunday - Chest(3) Triceps(2) Shoulders(3) Abs(2)
    Monday - Back(5) Biceps(2) Legs(3)
    Wendsday - Chest(3) Triceps(2) Shoulders(3) Abs(2)
    Friday - Back(4) Biceps(2) Legs(3) Abs(2)

    The number behing is the number of different exercises i do for this muscle group. i use reps (4 sets)

    My question is if im supposed to do first all back exercises then all biceps or if i can mix all my different exercises up.

    Another one is there is always a best or at least a very good exercise for certain muscle groups for example wide grip pull up or squats. is there anywhere a thread where i can find them or do you know some

    i would be thankfull for help

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    Finish each individual body part before moving onto the next and make sure you layer the routine to suit whats coming next

    e.g. dont do biceps monday if your working your back tuesday.

    Deep squats for legs are good.
    Wide grip pull ups for back
    incline dumbbell press for chest
    skullcrushers for triceps
    Concentration curl for biceps

    i find these are always good to have in my routines, 3-4 exercises per muscle group at no more than 16sets for big muscles and 9 for smaller ones to avoid over-training.
    Bench - 231lbs x 5, Squats - 264lbs x 5, Deadlift - 363lbs x 5 Power Clean - 187lb x 5, Pull ups - BW + 44lbs x 5, Dips - BW + 66lbs x 5, Miltary Press - 143lbs x 5



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