I'm 68 and have been a consistent walker and lifter. The beginning of February I began to experience the symptoms (Numbness and severe elbow and tricep pain in my right arm!) from a herniated C7 and resulting pinched nerve. I was off both activities for probably six weeks. I finally decided to fight through the pain and lift again, including pull ups, so I have been using those back muscles.
I've lost five pounds and the only thing I could think of was that my leg muscles lost mass. I still haven't been walking as much, however, with just daily activity I was still using those muscles a lot, so considered it odd. Part of my lifting often included either pushups or, if my wife is home, occasionally bench presses. Last week I remembered the pushups and was shocked that I could only do 10 (second set only 5), when I normally could do 30.
So my question is, does a pushup recruit numerous muscle groups, to the tune of a five pound weight loss, especially for elders who lose significant mass anyway, if not used?
As a foot note, I've had two of three epidurals that have helped somewhat before surgery if number three doesn't help! Thank you!