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    Default Compound Exercises & Muscle Building

    I just read Damien's blog post about compound exercises and building muscle and I thought I'd bring it up here as this seems to be a mistake that almost every beginner makes.

    I just wanted to say to all newbie lifters that when you first start working out you should be sticking to big compound exercises only. These exercises are your primary muscle builders and get the most gains. It's all about quality over quantity. You're much better off with 8 sets of quality form sets than 20 sets with poor quality.

    Also another beginner mistake I want to point out is guys that focus all their energy on biceps and chest. The guy with the best build has excellent symmetry. This means you need to hit your back as much as your chest, your triceps as much as your biceps etc etc. Don't spend all your time on bicep curls, you will develop them much better with rows and chin ups and at the same time giving your back a solid workout.

    If you're just starting out, hit me up with your questions I'll answer them here.

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    Sup Matt, long time no speak!

    It's funny when Im doing new programs for skinny guys I pretty much give them all compounds and they're always asking me why they're not doing bicep curls!!

    I'm only doing 5 sets a week on my biceps and they're growin like mad! I get a better pump from rows, upright rows and wide grip chins than curls. If I hit my biceps heavy for 5 sets they're pretty much finished by then anyway.
    I'm a supplement junkie!



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