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    Default Rules For Company Reps Posting At M&S

    Muscle & Strength stocks thousands of products from hundreds of brands, and we welcome any supplement company reps that represent these brands to the M&S forum. A good company rep can bring value to our forum and its members, while spreading the word about the great products that brand has to offer. However, a bad (or untrained) company rep brings little more than your average annoying spammer. We’re looking for reps that bring value to the forum and the companies they represent.

    So what makes a good rep? Here are some tips:

    Educate yourself.

    Before you even make your first post about the products you represent, educate yourself. This should really be the job of the company you’re representing, but far too often they fall short. Ask the company you represent to send you detailed product info, studies, reviews, logs etc.

    Don’t just educate yourself on what’s contained in the product, anyone can read that off the nutritional label. You should know what the ingredient does, and why it’s in there. For example, if product X contains 2000mg of beta alanine, you should be able to tell me what beta-alanine does and why your company has put it there.

    Take it upon yourself to really do your research so you’ll be prepared to answer any question a member has to throw at you!

    Be a teacher, not a salesman.

    The best way build the reputation of products and a brand, is to educate people. People need as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision about the products they use. The more information you can provide, the more likely the person is to use your product.

    Don’t just be that person who replies to the “which supplement should I take?” threads with the products you represent, this provides no more value than a spammer. Be prepared to tell someone why they should take your product, what advantages it has, and point them to reviews, logs, product pages etc where they can read more information. Avoid hype, focus on information and facts. This is what people are really looking for, especially on a forum.

    Take it upon yourself to start detailed threads about your company and its products in the company reps area. Make your threads into the best resource possible for people who are searching for information about your products. This will actually save you time, you can constantly reference these threads in your future posts!

    Build a reputation for yourself and your company.

    Build a reputation for you and your company that is honest and reputable. This is especially important in an online forum, and the key to building long-term success.

    Firstly, build your reputation as a member. It’s a good idea to establish yourself as a respectable member of the forum before you start posting about your products. If you jump straight on the forum posting about products, people won’t know who you are and chances are they’ll take what you’re saying with a pinch of salt. When you join M&S introduce yourself, tell people what you’re about, your experience and qualifications if you have any. Get involved in more than just supplement discussions. Establish yourself as a reputable member first, company rep second.

    Now establish your reputation as a company rep. Going back to my previous point about being a teacher, start informative threads about your products (don’t just copy and paste marketing material), get involved with supplement discussions and debates, even if they’re not about your products. Show the M&S community that you’ve done your research and you know what you’re talking about.

    Uphold the reputation of both you and your company by acting with integrity, never resorting to personal attacks and name calling, always being honest with your replies and information you provide, and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

    Learn from member feedback.

    Don’t brush off feedback from members about your products. This information is what you need to make better products that people want to use. You should always be taking in feedback from the community and passing it back to the people in charge of developing new products.

    Company Rep Rules

    Company Reps new to the forum need to PM Damien to have their name added to the company reps list.

    1) Company reps cannot promote Muscle & Strength’s competitors or products that are for sale on their own sites only. For obvious reasons, Muscle & Strength can be the only place discussed (on the forum or by PM) for purchasing their products. We spend a lot of time and money on our forum so using them to build up our competitors or stealing our customers is not acceptable.

    2) We’ve created a section on the forum for company reps to post any promotional material. All promotion material, FAQ pages, advertising, etc must be posted in this area only.

    3) All company reps must put which company they’re representing in their signature. We’re not going to tolerate “undercover” reps. If you’re caught being an undercover rep you’ll be given 1 warning then banned.

    4) Company reps cannot talk negatively about other company’s products. We don’t want any “eFighting” to occur on this forum like it has and still does on so many others. If every rep conducted themselves in a professional manner then there would not be any need for this rule, but unfortunately, some don’t.
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