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    Default started wieght lifting

    ok i'm a 16 year old guy and i jst started weight lifting

    now i'm not the most nutritional guy. i don't really eat anything nutriotional like fruits or vegetables AT ALL. my workout plan is very good for my own standards since i have a gym here that concentrates on my upper body muscles. now i can eat like granola bars, oats, penuts, walnuts, any nuts. i never tried protein shakes but i can try them if they help me during my workout. i eat these kinda of things during workout and do u think its going well? any suggestions to change??

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    a proper diet is just as important as exercising, if you want to see improvements you need to have put as much effort into your diet as u do in your workouts... thats wat ive learnt on this forum mate check this out to find how many calories you need a day then add 500 if ur building mass
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