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    Default Backing up workout logs/documents

    Hey guys,

    I recently found this very useful (free) software called Dropbox that allows you to back up 2GB of data online (files, pictures, videos). It adds a folder under 'My Documents' called 'My Dropbox', anything you put in there will be securely synced online. You can also access these files via the website. This has been really useful if I've forgotten what I did last week and just went online to check my training log at the gym!

    You can also get an extra 250mb of data if you use this link:

    Hope this is useful to some of you!

    Training Log - /forum/member-training-journals/12610-iforwms.html
    Youtube channel -

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    If you keep your data in Office 365, then I strongly recommend you to read this blog "Should You Backup Office 365?". The answer will be yes, of course, you should do a backup every once in a while. You will only benefit from doing so, trust me.
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