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    This thread deserves a *bump*
    Great home made protein bars!!
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    Made these last night and had my first bar this morning after my workout.


    3/4 cup Old Fashioned Oats
    1/4 cup steel cut Oats
    3 tbsp. Organic Chunky PB
    3 tbsp. Organic Golden Honey
    1/2 cup Skim Milk
    7 scoops Species Isolyze Whey Protein - Vanilla Peanut Butter

    My Experience:

    I sprayed a glass mixing bowl with PAM added the milk first, honey second, PB third, Oats forth, and Protein last. I used a rubber spatula to mix all ingredients together. I felt that the mixture needed a little more liquid to completely "get mixed". I added a very small amount of skim milk. After mixing an additional 2 minutes, I removed the mixture and placed it into a pre-sprayed glass dish. I used the same spatula to evenly distribute the mixture throughout the dish. I placed it in fridge overnight.


    7.5 / 10 - Great homemade protein bars. In fact the best I have ever made. I think my protein flavor had a lot to do with it not being "Holy Cow That's AMAZING". I will use this recipe again with other flavors, most definitely.


    I cute my dish into 10 bars. These Macros are for 1 single bar.

    165 Calories
    3g Fat
    13g Carbs
    22g Protein

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    It's a great recipe, and it's current right now. I'll make it tomorrow, I think I'll add almond milk, I think it will taste even better. I've made these before, and they tasted so much better than the ones in the store. And no sugar.



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