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Thread: weights?

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    Smile weights?

    I am new to working out and have alot of weight to lose. My question is which is best for a beginner- the machines to lift weights or free weights? I am doing the cardio and I have added weights, but not sure whether to do them on the machines first to start building muscle and getting use to weight or just to go ahead with free weights.

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    Free weights promote the use of more than the target muscle, such as stabiliser muscles to keep your body balanced as you do them. Machines do not do this.

    Free weights are more useful in many ways so id reccomend sticking to them, machines are generally used by people who dont know the techniques on how to do it with the free weights
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    I think that certain machines are fine to start with. Such as the cable machine for Tricep Pushdowns, the Lat Machine for Pulldowns. But you should try and master a few compound movements outside of the "locked in" frame of most weight machines such as :

    The squat
    Bench Press

    Now you don't have to start using "heavy" weights for each of these movements. In fact, you should probably use lighter weights, let your body adapt to the movement and get your form down, then increase the resistance accordingly.

    Typically, weight machines, lock your body into a specific line of motion and take the stabilizer muscles out of the equation which doesn't increase their strength, so when you move to a free weight movement from machine, your body will still have some adapting to do.



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