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    Default Muscle&Strength Rules - Revised 21st Apr 2010

    All members and people who are thinking of joining should read the following rules. Updated on 19th Apr 2010.

    Being a member of Muscle&Strength.

    Muscle & Strength is not just a forum, not just a website. It's a home. It's your home. It's a place you can come to discuss what you love doing with like-minded people who share your passion. The passion to look your best and reach your goals.

    Being a member of Muscle & Strength has responsibilities. First, we have a responsibility to reach our goals. Second, we have a responsibility to help other M&S members reach their goals. And finally, we have the responsibility of showing each other respect. We're all equals here, we all have our own goals, we come together to talk about what we love doing and share the knowledge we have. Education + motivation = results.

    How Infractions & Banning Work.

    If you break any of the rules below you'll receive an infraction. Infractions work like points on a drivers license. If you get a certain number of infractions in a certain time, you'll be banned from Muscle & Strength. However, some of the more serious posts will result in an instant banning. This will be left to the discretion of the moderators. Remember what we just talked about, respect each other and act responsible and we won't have a problem

    Reporting (or flagging) Posts.

    You'll notice on the bottom left hand side of each post there is a yellow triangle with an ! in it. This is called a flag. If someone posts something breaks you think breaks the rules of posting, you can click that icon and one of the moderators or admin staff will be notified.

    Please do not use the report button to report people posting information that you don't agree with. If you disagree with a post, reply with your reason why. Constructive Debates are one of the best ways to learn!

    The Reputation System.

    Muscle & Strength uses a reputation system. When someone posts some useful information, tools, something you like or gives out some good advice you can give them positive rep. The more positive rep is given to a particular member, the more reputation they get. Good posters who give out good advice and post valuable information get a solid reputation for being knowledgeable in our community.

    The rep system is not in place to be abused. If you post negative rep to someone for no good reason, you will receive an infraction (see above). The same goes for members who rep each other, for the sake of building each others rep. It will be at the moderators/admins digression to decide whether negative rep was given without good reason. For continuous misuse of the rep system, you may be banned from the forum.

    5 Simple Muscle & Strength Forum Rules:

    1. Check Your Ego At The Door.

    Here at Muscle & Strength, we don't have room for attitudes and egos. We don't want to know how hardcore you are, or why you're more hardcore than me. Remember, there is always someone bigger and stronger than you. At Muscle & Strength we give respect and expect respect in return. Respect for each other, respect for someone having different goals than you, respect for new lifters etc. You get the picture.

    2. A Debate Vs. An Argument.

    Muscle & Strength is not your average bodybuilding & fitness forum. We're a group of like-minded individuals who are serious about achieving their goals and support one another with solid information and motivation.

    Understand that everyone is different. What works for you, might now work for me and vice versa. We know that there are different ways people train and different nutrition plans. That being said, Muscle & Strength members need to recognize this and know that your way is not necessarily the right way, or the only way.

    We expect there to be debates (in fact we encourage them!), where individuals can put their point of view across on certain matters. What we don't expect is slaying matches. Name calling. Posting just for the sake of winning an argument etc. Who cares who wins? Remember what it is to be a member here, it's not about you. It's about furthering the knowledge of the community as a whole so we can all reach our goals.

    3. Spammers & Trolls.

    Muscle & Strength was not created for you to advertise your services and products, whether they're free or otherwise. No one is permitted to advertise on the forum, PMs, signatures or anywhere else without permission from Damien. These people effect the quality of information and the community as a whole. If you'd like to advertise your services on M&S, talk to us, chances are we can work something out!

    4. Inappropriate Or Abusive Threads/Posts.

    We're not going to tell you what you can and can't talk about on the forum. Instead, we're going to let you use your best judgment when making your posts. It will be up to the moderators and admin to decide whether a topic is not suitable for discussion. The moderator may choose to close the thread, and/or delete your post(s). You may also receive a warning or infraction. If you continue to post inappropriate or abusive material, you may be permanently banned from the forum.

    5. Posting information from other sites/books/forums.

    If you've got some good information, great, post it up. All Muscle & Strength members can benefit from you sharing good information. That's how we learn more, and get bigger. But simply copying information from other websites or sources and claiming it as your own is not fair for the author. Usually people that do this are caught and end up with a bad rep on the forum anyway. It goes back to what we said at the top of this have nothing to prove to us, only to yourself. So if you find some good info, post it in your own words or quote it, don't claim it as your own.
    Last edited by Damien; 04-21-2010 at 02:55 PM. Reason: Updated rules 21st Apr 2010
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