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    Default cooking and reheating your meats

    What is the best method? I've tried baking with olive oil, grilling, etc. Over cooking causes them to be a little tough. And reheating tough meat in the microwave makes it even worse.

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    Try wrapping meat in tinfoil, to steam cook in an oven of 350-375 degrees. You can add whatever seasoning you prefer, along with vegetables, and actually cut out using oil if you hate adding those calories by spraying the foil with a no-cal cooking spray to the foil..just so the meat doesn't stick. This works PERFECT for cooking fish. I would assume it would be a better way of reheating food too. Microwave warming is pretty gross.
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    Depending on your options, there are many things you can do to make meat taste better.

    Meat with higher fat content will be juicier and frequently more flavorful. Super low fat meats like turkey and boneless skinless chicken breast dry out very quickly. Try grilling them at 375 for 12 minutes on a George Foreman type grill, or baking for around 30 minutes in foil at 350 like maryellen suggested.

    Alternatively, buy bone in meats. These maintain moistness far better and the bone adds significant flavor. These meats are frequently less expensive as well.
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