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    Default help for a busy chef ??

    hi, at the moment im 5'11, 85kg and trying to build overall muscle.
    im tryin to lose weight around my stomach as well but i work as a chef and it isnt easy with the type of food i regularly taste or eat.

    My diet apart from that is pretty sound, i take whey twice a day. My arms, back and shoulders are slow but i need a plan to work to!!

    I do cardio for 20 mins before weights and karate twice a week.

    Any ideas????

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    Pick one goal. Lose weight or Gain muscle.
    Calculate BMR.
    Subtract 500 cals from BMR to lose weight, add 500 to gain.

    Head to the workout section of this site, and pick a Beginner Full body routine to get your muscles used to working out. Fullbody beginner routines are usually 3 days a week. I suggest you do 30 mins of cardio on 3 off days.

    Last day of the week, take it off. Allow yourself one cheat meal but follow rest of the meal plan.

    Remember healthy weight loss is 1 - 1.5 lbs per week. You can do it.



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