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    Default Delorme method training

    Just starting the delorme method training routine with an upper/lower body split. Finding it very useful after coming back from a short layoff due to an illness. Also it's a very good routine while cutting bodyfat. It involves 2 warm up sets then 1 work set to failure. The traditional way of doing sets is to increase the weight on each set while keeping the rep range the same, eg 3x10

    Set 1 50% 10rm warm up
    Set 2 70% 10rm warm up
    Set 3 100% 10rm to failure

    Sometimes I'll do a 4th set in which I'll drop the weight down by 5 to 10 pounds and do a second set to failure but that's only when I feel the need.

    Personally I use the 8 to 12 rep range as it gives me a bit more flexibility than just keeping to 10 reps.
    Upper body
    Bench press
    Incline press
    Bent rows
    Front press
    Side raises
    Barbell curls
    Hammer curls
    Press downs
    Lying extensions

    Lower body
    Leg press
    Leg curls
    Standing calf raises
    Seated calf raises
    Leg raises
    Crunches (for abs I do 10 to 15 reps)

    It's nothing new I know but really am enjoying this routine for it's simplicity and efficientancy. I usually use straight sets but have found that way of training boring while this way I have to put every thing into that finale set instead of spreading the intensity across 3 sets with static weight. Plus my strength has gone up quicker on this program. I guess less really is more.

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    Hello Robert. Just wondering how your routine looks like? Did read somewhere that DeLorme recommend 2 exercises. 1 for upper body and 1 for lower body. What do you prefer?

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