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    Default my muscle building diet?

    After a couple of months of slacking I have recently decided to hit the gym again and am looking to put on some muscle mass. The first month I put on about 10lbs but over the past 2 weeks no real gain. I want to post my diet and would appreciate any advice. Also I am considering adding a weight-gainer shake to my diet but am not sure of any good ones, I want to add muscle not just fat.
    1. 8:00 am
    2. omlette(2 whole eggs 2egg whites ham and cheese) 2 pieces of whole grain toast
    3. 10 am
    4. tuna sandwich on whole bread, bag of baked chips
    5. 12:00
    6. other 1/2 of tuna, serving of crackers and yogurt or fruit(usually strawberries)
    7. 2pm
    8. grilled chicken breast(200g) and 2 granola bars
    9. 4pm
    10. PB&J sandwich on whole bread
    11. 5pm
    12. Workout
    13. 6:15pm
    14. protein shake(40 grams of whey) & bananna or raisins(have just ordered a bag of dextrose to add to PWO shake)
    15. 7pm
    16. dinner- this is the only meal that is not pretty-much routine for me. My wife is just not down with eating the same everynight and she does the cooking but is not too hard on me. Usually meat,potatoes and veggies or some type of pasta
    17. 9pm
    18. A bowl of special K (protein plus) cereal with 2% milk
    19. 10pm
    20. protein shake (muscle milk)
    This is pretty-much it other than a snack here or there. I only drink water all day. Also, if I do add a weight-gainer to my diet should I do so on non-workout days? I currently am 5'8 and weigh 162 ( in the mornings) Sorry so...long but again any help would be welcome .
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