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    Exclamation what the heck

    So in the December vacation I took three weeks off of training,the sunday before starting my new program I measured and I had lost a centimeter on every part (0.4 inch) which I suspected would happen.Monday I hit chest and the day after I hit calves when I measured on Wednesday they were back to original size.Wednesday I did arms the next morning it was unreal pain I still cant fully extend my arms my bicep are hard as **** and my triceps felt like they weren't in the gym at all.The pain is unreal and when I measured they were still down a centimeter.Today I did calves with the same effect unreal pain and still down a centimeter.I used the same weight as always I wasnot over doing it at all.Ps this is the fst-7 training.Could anyone give a reason why these two parts were effected like this while the other parts weren't.
    Arms: 18.9"(cold)
    Wrist: 8"
    Forearms: 14"
    Waist: 41"
    Chest: 46"
    Legs: 27"
    Calves: 18"
    Neck: 16"
    Body weight: 231
    Bf: 24%

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    Its only a centimeter. dont worry about size. as to the pain, I'm sure you would know if the muscle facia were torn, but I would immediately visit a therapist.
    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardship & decide not to surrender, that is strength.
    -Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    This has happened to me. It's because you missed the gym for a big so when you hit back to the gym you went straight in I presume and tore muscles. I couldn't straighten my arms either
    Just your average skinny kid.



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