Mark your calenders for September 6! The recently formed United States Strength Coalition will be having it's inaugural Highland Games festival and everyone is welcome to compete. No cap on the number of athletes. This will be in front of an arena full of people, so the energy will be high. Don't let the name fool you. The USSC promotes Strongman and powerlifting as well, so we've put our own little spin on the Highland Games, and most of our experience comes from Strongman. Guaranteed to be a good time for both competitor and spectator. Steve Pulcinella of Ironsport gym will be the announcer.

As of now, the tentative events are as follows:

1)Throwing medley
2)Log clean and press for reps
3)Loading medley
4)Caber toss for distance

Entry form will be posted May 1st on the USSC website,