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    Default HELP!! Can't access new strength progam spreadsheet

    I am starting Jonnie Candito's 6 week strength program tomorrow but (at least on my computer) the Excel spreadsheet isn't working.

    I put in my numbers on the "input" page, and then for the following pages for each week, no numbers show up (where it should indicate how much weight I lift)... it only shows ##### signs (and no, the columns are not too small, I already tried adjusting the size.

    I can't post a link because I haven't hit 50 posts, but look up "Jonnie Candito Free Strength Programs" . Its the Excel one.

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    Try redownloading it. I just had a look at my excel sheet, and it's working fine. I can't replicate the issues that you are having. I tried leaving the input section blank, and the weekly weights were just blank, no ##### symbols.



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