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    Default Moeheep Post Meet Write Up

    Hello everyone,

    Where to start....Things started out terribly...supposed to drive to Orlando Friday night and stay at my son's place....Wife decides to volunteer to work a 14 hr shift at her job, so we dont even leave until 10:00 PM...and I am NOT happy about it. We get to my son's at 12:15 in the morning....unpack, talk some, get to sleep at 1:00 AM....sleep great...for 3 1/2 hours , wake up at 4:30. we all get ready and head to the meet, in a hotel INSIDE the Orlando airport. Get there, a little concerned about making weight...181 lbs. I was about 187 on Wednesday. Thanks to Brian Carrols "How to cut weight" E-book, I weighed in at 178....IMMEDIATELY stared drinking and eating...all I had to drink all day Friday was 2, 16oz bottles of water.

    Fortunatly I was in flight "C", so I had about 3 hours until I had to lift. I was in a super bad mood because of my wife volunteering to work yesterday, and becasue of my sub par training as of late, I was not feeling good about it got closer to my lift time I started feeling better...warm ups were flying off the floor. there were 5 of us lifting at the meet, 3 of the other 4 were in flight "B" including Zach from here on MAB. There were all killing I was starting to feel like a titty baby for all the complaining I was going...told Zach next time I start to whine...tell me to quit being a pu$$y and man-up!!

    Anyway, on to the lifts.

    Squat...opens at 130 (287) EZ, next 142.5 (314) 5 lbs below my PR....not easy, but not a grinder either...3rd attempt, 147.5 (325) nailed it...probably had 10 more lbs in the tank....but no matter I wes feeling a LOT better.

    Bench: my worst of the 3 lifts

    lowered my opener at the last minute to 85 Kg (187) EZPZ, next went for 92.5 (204) matching my best meet was a grinder. Last attempt I went for 95.5 (210) PR attempt that I really didnt think I would make since the 2nd lift took about all I had....or so I thought.....GRINDED it out...I dont think I had 1 lb more in PR

    Deads....ahhhh deads, the money lift...only lift I came in feeling good about.

    Warmups felt heavy, I told myself it was just becasue it was late and the meet was so big (110, entries) and so long I was just getting sleepy tired.

    140Kg (309) good, somewhat EZ, but it should have been. Next attempt 150 (330) 6 lbs under my PR....not as heavy as I thought it would be, so I went for it on the 3rd...160 (353) 17 lb PR attempt....hit some resistance about 3/4 the way up, but I knew I was gonna get it! 3 whites and I was fired up...I had "353" written on the wall of Not Your Average Moe's Gym since my 325 at this meet last year.

    Total was 403 kg (888lbs) 29 lb increase since my last meet in December and a full 100 lbs better than I did at this meet last year....

    Reflecting back on the last few months...I realized I got a little lazy in both my training and my eating, and it showed the closer I got to the meet. Not trying to sound cliche', but although I did well, very well I thought, I know I could have done better. I was really shooting to break the 900 lb mark.

    I am refocusing my efforts the next 3 months for a meet in September where, and you can write this down, I will be in the best shape I have been in....EVER!
    Best Gym Lifts...doesn't matter, they don't count!

    Best Meet Lifts:
    Squat : 325
    Bench: 210
    Dead: 353
    Total: 888

    Next Meet: Sept 21. South Florida...Goal: 915 lb total

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    Great write-up and congrats on your new meet PR's Mo. Always a positive when you can look back and see what you can improve on as well. Your nest meet is the day after mine so we will be all jacked and ready leading up to that weekend.
    Itís not about the amount of sets and reps you do, itís about how much effort you put into each set
    Best Meet Results - 198lb Class Raw Classic
    Squat: 385
    Bench: 265
    Deadlift: 475

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    Keep it up man. My first powerlifting meet is next Saturday and I'm nervous as hell even though it's just a push/Pull just to get my feet wet lol
    "Stand your're a monster too"

    Weight 200 from 210
    Best gym lifts
    Bench 155 -> 270 -> 315
    Squat 175 -> 345 -> 395
    Deadlift 205 -> 410 -> 485
    Overhead press 135 -> 175 -> 205

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    Nice job man !
    Current Weight: 235.4
    Current Height: 5'6"

    Overall Goal: Increase Strength only.
    Current Long Term Goal: Gain an extreme amount of strength in 5 months. Starting January 2015.

    Strength Goals: Increase 5 rep Flat Bench from 50 to 150 lbs.
    Increase my 6 rep OHP from 5 to 125 lbs.
    Increase my 11 rep Barbell Row from 50 to 160 lbs.
    Increase my 6 rep Incline Bench from 35 lbs to 125 lbs.
    Increase my 4 rep Shoulder Press From 25 to 100 lbs.
    Increase my 12 rep Arnold Press From 15 to 100 lbs.



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