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    Default Looking for some feedback: push/pull/legs

    My goal is both size and strength. I have been working out almost 3 years (minus a couple injury set backs). I plan to work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday rotating through these 6 workouts. I will hit each muscle group every 4-6 days. I set it up so that A workouts focus a little more on strength and the B workouts more on hypertrophy. I eat around 2800 calories a day. 40/30/30 split. This is about 150 calories above maintenance.

    Push A:
    DB press 3x5-7
    Incline DB press 3x8-10
    Cable flyes 2x10-12
    Military press 3x5-7
    Side Lateral 3x10-15
    Tricep rope ext 2x8-10
    Overhead rope ext 2x8-10

    Pull A:
    BB rows 3x5-7
    Pull ups 3x8-10
    Cable rows 2x10-12
    Extensions 2x10-15
    BB curls 2x6-10
    Hammer curls 2x8-10

    Legs A
    Squat 3x5-7
    RDL 3x6-10
    Leg press 2x8-10
    Leg curls 2x10
    Standing calves 2x6-8
    Seated calves 2x8-12

    Push B
    Incline DB 3x10
    Hammer press 3x10
    Pec dec 3x10-12
    DB shoulder press 3x10
    Upright rows 3x10-2
    Close hand push-ups 3x15-20

    Pull B
    One arm rows 3x10
    Wide pull downs 3x10
    Close grip pull downs 2x10-12
    Extensions 2x10-15
    Incline DB curls 3x8-10

    Legs B
    Front squat 3x10
    Leg curls 3x10
    Lunges 2x10-12
    Standing calves 3x10-12

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    Are you making gains this way? Personally I feel that your volume & frequency is too high for a program with a strength goal. How long have you been training? I highly doubt that you really need 6 days of training, it severely limits your recovering abilities. Use the Westside for Skinny Bastards template, particularly the 3rd version. It will build strength & size depending on caloric intake.
    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardship & decide not to surrender, that is strength.
    -Arnold Schwarzenegger



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