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    Default Good Push Strength Gaining Workout ?

    So I have edited my push day for gaining strength. Muscles involved are chest, delts, and triceps. Each are 5x5 and on 45 lb bars when using barbell.

    1. Stretch for 1 min.

    2. Flat Barbell Bench.

    3. Standing Barbell Millitary Press.

    4. Incline Barbell Bench.

    5. Cable Rear Delt Flyes.

    6. Decline Bench Press.

    7. Close Grip Bench Press.

    I do have the time to do all of these workouts.
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    Volume too high for bench press. Decline press is useless, sorry to have to break it to you. Flat bench activates way more muscle & the entire pec minor. I would suggest start with BB bench for however many sets of 5 or less, then DB incline for 2-3 sets of reps to failure. Next, OHP for the same scheme as BB bench. Assistance for this lift could be DB seated power cleans. Look them up, I learned them from the Defranco's training website & they really do a good job at activating the whole shoulder girdle & upper trap. For triceps, do either incline or flat close grip bench for low reps or cable pushdowns for high reps. make sure to alternate & do both methods during the week.
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