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    Default Post-Shoulder Surgery Limitations. Any help ?

    Hey everyone, been absent from here for a year or two but hopefully you can welcome me back with open arms haha.

    Okay, so, I have been having shoulder (right) problems for years now, with frequent sublux/partial dislocations, occasional dislocations, and a myriad of tendon and rotator cuff issues. A week ago now I went under the knife and finally had the much needed surgery (apparently the labrum was torn worse than nearly everyone the surgeon has ever performed on. For the first few days I had practically no movement of my right arm (what's a man to do??) but now movement is returning rapidly with the swelling etc getting better. Anyways, until approximately 3 months from now all I can do is train legs, really. Going to be doing armless smith machine squats, leg press, and leg curl.

    After this 3 months or so when I am finally allowed to get back into proper upper body exercises, it is very likely that I will never be able to do much in the way of vertical pulling and may have some issues with other vertical things or things that put stress on my shoulder when in a vulnerable position (wont explain). I have also pretty much had to give up on any dreams of playing rugby or american football again.

    Can anyone think of appropriate long-term replacements for all vertical pulling? How can I achieve the same stimulation of the muscles worked in pullups, pulldowns, chinups etc, by doing horizontal pulling.
    Any ideas on what the best substitute exercises for that will be?

    I am also curious to know of anyone else who has had shoulder stabilization surgery and other shoulder surgeries and what long-term issues you have had, and how you have worked aruond them.

    Thanks for your time.
    Lifts: (pre-shoulder surgery 24/7)

    180kg/396lb Back Squat
    210kg/462lb Deadlift
    150kg Front Squat
    100kg Push Press
    100kg Clean
    85kg Snatch
    40kg DB Chest Press for 3x12
    600kgx5 45 degree Leg press
    24kg for 10 reps Ultra Strict Seated DB Curls (been working these hard for lols)

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    Hey it would be a crime to suggest alternatives without first consulting with your therapist/physician. Once you get clearance from them then we can talk. Kapish?

    Oh and welcome back Pasan
    A home gym consisting of Bowflex Power-Pro XTL and power blocks(5-90). Also been working out consistently at a community center-JCC since November of 2014. Nice to have the home gym to fall back on off days.



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