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    Default Caffeine/stimulant issue

    Hey so um I'm a bit of a fatty at this present time (about 20kg heavier than I was this time last year somehow... after successful fat loss endeavour (30kg, aug 2011-aug2012), then fluctuations from then where I gained considerable strength and conditioning and athleticism, along with a lot of exp in muay thai, boxing, wrestling, and football.
    I find myself 114kg and padding keeping my hard earned muscles well-shrouded in secrecy.), anyways I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem:

    I find that caffeine (and potentially other stimulants) in anything larger than minimal doses dramatically increases my propensity to be overcome with anxiety and/or jitteryness. This obviously rules out most of the fat burning products on the market. So my question is What useful fat burning supplements are available that do not contain caffeine or any stimulants? and does anyone have experience with stimulant-free fat-burning supplements?

    I am still planning on doing a couple of 10 day cycles of clen when I'm a little bit closer to the goal, even though this might potentially have a similar effect... does anyone have any experience indicating this to be likely?

    Thanks for your time
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    The most useful fat burning products I've found are diet and exercise. Well planned out meals cooked in bulk and portioned in advance combined with a minimum of 1 hour / day 4x per week rigorous exercise and other healthy choices (ex. taking the stairs instead of elevators) will result in weight loss, plain and simple.

    I used to take pre-work supps which I absolutely loved for a while for the energy boost but as the effects began to fade I had to keep upping the dosage and decided I was better off without them.
    "Champions Train, Losers Complain"

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    Forget supplements. As above.

    To 'burn fat' you need a suitable nutrition plan. Exercise can assist, but even that isn't vital. I'd recommend it though - it is good to be fit.

    Your body will consume body fat for energy. Before it does so it will utilise the calories you provide the body. Therefore, if you consume fewer calories than your body needs, your body will in turn use a combination of body fat and muscle.

    If you perform some form of exercise, and especially resistance exercise, your body will encourage muscle building and therefore, the energy you consume will come more so from your body fat.

    Additionally, when you build muscle, your body will need to consume more calories throughout the day - muscle is anabolic.

    1: Work out how many calories your body needs using an online calculator.
    2: Plan a base nutrition plan so that on a day-to day basis you consume fewer calories than that number.
    3: Your nutrition should consist of whole foods; no processed foods. This will make things far easier. Avoid added sugar where you can.
    4: Best sources of food are fruit, vegetables, meats (not processed), dairy products (not those with 'added sugar').
    5: Consider an exercise schedule.
    6: The exercise could consist of 2 cardiovascular workouts and 2 resistance training workouts.
    8: Resistance training can be in the form of using weight lifting equipment or simply body weight. You don't have to go to a gym.
    9: Determine progress every 4-5 weeks and adjust calorie intake based on results and future goals.



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